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Suchisman is our eldest son.
He is a sophomore at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying Engineering Physics.

What he likes

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He likes chocolates, video games.
He practices Aiaido and Kendo.
He loves target shooting.
He goes into hibernation every night.

2012 April NRA Outdoor Conventional Pistol Shooting Championship

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Here is Suchisman at the April 2012 NRA Registered Outdoor Conventional Pistol Match at Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club, Jackson, NJ.

Suchisman at the firing line
4X Place Award in Rapid Firing
Suchisman at the Firing line
4X Place Award

Suchisman's Resume

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You can find his resume here.

Book on Military Logistics

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Suchisman's chapter on "Using Plane Tessellation Algorithms to Optimize Resource Allocation" in the Springer Book on "Military Logistics - Research Advances and Future Trends" was published November 2014.


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You can reach him at Suchisman Gang at

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