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New Jersey
New Jersey

We live in New Jersey in the US.
The auto emailers below are in the process of being fixed and updated - Due to an ongoing conflict between Fedora 14, Python 2.7 and the Python Imaging Library, (Fedora bug, Python bug), the photograph emailers are NOT working until further notice.

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Online message. When you click the submit button, your message will be e-mailed to us.
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E-Mail Addresses

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E-mail. These are e-mail addresses that you can use to send us messages over SMTP through your e-mail program. You can load these addresses into your (v-card compliant) address-books (through clicking and then, right-clicking the e-mail address on most e-mail clients).
Please note: Unsolicited commercial email to these addresses is subject to an archival fee of $400 per instance. (See
Richard Levitte's page for more on what this is all about.)

Page Sandipan - Short Messaging Service

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Short Messaging Service (SMS). If it is urgent, you can send an SMS message to Sandipan's cellphone by sending a small (160 character) email (plaintext would be great) to


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Snail-mail. We receive mail at
these addresses. Details and directions are available with a password. Please contact Sandipan for a password.

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