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Businesses Sandhir have been involved in over the years

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Dhirja and Sandipan
Dhirja and Sandipan

InterNexus, Plc

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Develops IPR in technologies for a connected world.

MorpheX (Bermuda) Limited

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World's first reinsurer of digital risk.
inxServer (TM) portal (for inxPersons) - A secure and evidencing ECN developed by Sandipan for InterNexus-MorpheX
The technology was reviewed by DERA
inxNTMonitoring (TM) - Technology for monitoring NT based mission critical servers; technology developed for MorpheX-SwissRe

DxMail Limited

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inx1Forms (TM) - Technology delivering secure consoles through MIME bodies with XML, XSL, ECMA262, and java inside non-trusted computing environments such as PCs, for on-line transacting, digital cash, voting for DXMail and PrimaCryption

Privae Limited

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Privae - Certification Authority delivering internet domain based certification and directory schema, anonymous and self-authenticating tokens and fully automated client certificate delivery Privae

Food Magazine

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Dhirja published a number of articles in India's Food Magazine and Business India magazine.
Portfolio of articles will be available soon here.

Pharmaceutical Manufacture

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Bulk Drug manufacturing - Acetaminophen.
Paracetamol (acetaminophen) is a widely used antipyretic and analgesic with the global demand for 1998/99 estimated at 120,000 metric tonnes.
It is consumed either as a single drug formulation (well known brands are Tylenol, Calpol, Crocin, Saridon, Aspro, Metacin) or as combinations with ibuprofen, dextropropoxophene.
Unique state-of-art facility involving a 5-tier gravitational flow design and completely closed filtration systems, coupled with an extensive effluent treatment facility.

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