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The Kids

Suchis^4 - Suchisman, Suchismita, Suchisrit, Suchisneil

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Dhirja and Sandipan
Dhirja and Sandipan

Our Kids

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We have four kids - Suchisman, Suchismita, Suchisrit and Suchisneil.
Otherwise called Suchi^4.


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Suchisman, born 1995 in Mumbai, India.
Suchisman means a true friend.
He is in High School and is a member of the Davidson Institute of Talent Development and MENSA.
He is on Facebook His site is accessible below.


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Suchismita or Mita, born 2000 in Mumbai, India. She was named by Suchisman - he wanted to share part of his name with her.
Suchismita is one with a pure smile.
She is in Lower Middle School.
She likes dancing, playing the flute.
Mita likes dogs. And plushies.
Her site is accessible below.


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Suchisrit or Rit, born 2005.
Suchisrit is one with a pure heart and intent. He was named by his sister and grandmother, Bani.
He is in Orchard Hill Elementary.
Rit loves cars, Legos, making stuff and drawing.
His site links to his page at


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Suchisneil or Neil, born 2011.
Suchisneil means pure blue, the symbol of secularism in India.


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