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Suchisneil "Neil" Gangopadhyay @

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Suchisneil Gangopadhyay
Suchisneil Gangopadhyay

Born, September 1, 2011, Suchisneil "Bruno, Jr" Gangopadhyay, or Neil, became a part of the Gangopadhyay family on October 29, 2011. Here is more about the family's new puppy.
A mum with her pups at the Smyth Irish Setters
A mum with her pups at the Smyth Irish Setters

Suchisneil mother, Sylvia
Suchisneil mother, Sylvia

His parents

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Neil looks much like his Granddad, George
Neil looks much like his Granddad, George

The Smyth Dog Sled Team
The Smyth Dog Sled Team

Neil is from the family of Smyth Irish Setters. They live in Wisconsin, USA. Neil was born in his mother, Sylvia's first litter.
Flying to Newark, NJ
Flying to Newark, NJ

Roselle "Rose" Smyth owns Smyth Irish Setters. She loves to hunt and go out with her Irish Setter Dog Sled Team. With her husband and daughter, Rose and her family have been breeding dogs for generations and have currently over 40 dogs.

Smyth Irish Setters are from the hunting line of the breed. Neil's family members hunt for grouse and other game in Wisconsin.

The Smyth Irish Setter Dog Sled Team is well known in the community - they are proud of their famous red dog sled team! The team attracts a ton of attention in Mush Competitions as the red dogs streak across the frozen winterland. His grandfather, George, is a leader of the pack!

Suchisneil Merchandise

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Now you can get merchandise with Neil's pictures! Click the link below to get to the shop ...

His Pedigree

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Neil's pedigree from his litter certificate:

Litter Certificate

Neil's lineage goes back to Northampton in the United Kingdom with the famous Wendover Kennel owned by the late Mr & Mrs L C James. A more extensive family tree is available here.

Neil is registered with the AKC and his research pedigree is here.

His 2012 Rabies Vaccine ID is 2011-007102 from the Harlingen Veterinary Clinic and his Montgomery Township License number is 2012-1486.

You can learn more about Irish Setters in the links below.

His Uncle Bruno

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Bruno Gangopadhyay

Suchisneil's uncle, Bruno Gangopadhyay, in India, 1993. You can find out all about his uncle Bruno here.

Neil Contact Info

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If Neil ever gets lost and someone finds him, there are three paths to contacting us: He has a tag with this website name, he has a chip implant, and he is also registered with the AKC CAR.

Neil has his new website now @ If you find him and get to this site, please scan these QR codes for our contact info - you can call us directly.

QR Code Data Matrix Code

You can also call Home Again at 1 888 HOME AGAIN (1 888 466 3242). His HomeAgain Chip ID is 985121005089780. Here is his ID card:

Chip ID

Finally, he is also registered with the AKC CAR - American Kennel Club Companion Animal Rescue. ID is SR69624301. You can call them at their Recovery Hotline: 1-800-252-7894 or click here.

Neil Photos

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Here are some of Neil's photographs:

At 8 weeks:
Neil Neil Neil
Neil Neil Neil at Montgomery High School
Neil after his first bath Neil is a turtle! Halloween costume Neil
At 10 weeks:
Neil with this favorite chew toy! Neil Neil ready to drive to Chicago
At 12 weeks:
Asleep in Rit's car seat Neil Neil
At 14 weeks:
In the yard Pouncing on something he saw Trotting up
At 16 weeks:
In the yard In the yard V/s Coat Hanger
At 20 weeks:
Digging in the Snow On the Sofa Preparing OJ with Rit
At 24 weeks:
Raritan Canal Park Raritan Canal Park In the yard
At 30 weeks:
In the yard In the yard In the yard
At 40 weeks:
In the yard In the yard In the yard
In the yard In the yard In the yard

Operation Suchisneil

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Neil was picked up from Lakewood, Wisconsin. Sandipan drove up from Chicago, IL through Milwaukee, Sheboygan and Greenbay to visit with Rose and pick up young Neil. Sandipan and Neil then drove back to Chicago and flew into Newark, New Jersey in the middle of the Halloween Eve Snowstorm! Here are some photographs from the trip.

October 29, 2011 - Operation Suchisneil:

October 29, 2011 - Operation Suchisneil
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