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Suchisrit - I am very fast!

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My name is Suchisrit.
An Aquos Snapzoid Bakugan
An Aquos Snapzoid Bakugan

Pinewood Derby

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I am in Den 3 of Cub Scouts Pack 185. I won the Pinewood Derby this year in my Den and 3rd Prize in Tiger.


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I like Bakugan.
I like the Aquos Snapzoid.
I like blue Bakugan and Pokemon.
I like making things with Lego - you can see some of my Lego creations in my house or in the album.
I like collecting rocks ... just for fun! My favorite rock is the blue Sapphire.


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I like Pizza, chocolate sandwiches and chocolate croissant.
I like to drink apple juice, blue Gatorade, Vitamin Water, fruit punch and grape Fanta.


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I like to play Parcheesi, Ludo and Snakes and Ladders.
Those are my favorite Indian games.
They are the board games I like.
I also like playing soccer.

TV Programs

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I like watching Bakugan.
I like Ninjago, Backyardigans and Blues Clues.
I also like Adventure Time.


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I study in the Orchard Hill Elementary School.
I am in First Grade.
My teacher is Ms. Kotch and Ms. Murphy.


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My favorite devices are Nintendo DSi XL Midnight Blue, my big Sony TV, my new iPhone 4, my Wii, and my Fuji underwater camera.

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