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What is a Sandhir?

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Dhirja and Sandipan
Dhirja and Sandipan

Sandhïr is Dhirja and Sandipan.

About Sandhir

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Dhirja is interested in Medical Sciences, Real Estate, in food, writing and art. Sandipan likes businesses involving Computer and Chemical Engineering.

Sandipan and Dhirja married in 1994 and have four children, Suchisman, Suchismita, Suchisrit and Suchisneil.

'Dhirja' is a Sanskrit word meaning "daughter of Dhairya, the beholder of patience." 'Sandipan', in Sanskrit, means "to burn" or "to spread light."

Sandhir Like

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Sandhïr interests are food, computers, books, more books, gizmos, cartoons and mushy movies, painting, still and motion photography and travelling.

Sandhïr wish, and are devoted to spreading peace and happiness to all. (They like mushy stories in real life too!)

Their favourite place is a great peaceful town in Maharashtra, India - Shirdi.


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